Weddings with Nuance Sound DJ Service

Did you realize that your entertainment choice at your wedding, can make or break the memories your guests take home of your wedding day?

Just think about it for a moment – your guests spend approximately 1/2 hour at your ceremony, perhaps 2 hours enjoying their meal, but the largest part of the evening is still the reception dance – often nearly 4 hours in length!

Nuance Sound knows what it takes to entertain your wedding guests – we read the crowd to ensure that your guests, no matter their ages, all have a great time! And we are here throughout your planning process to help you with any details of your special day! We’ve helped many customers choreograph a grand entrance, a special kissing game, or added music for their slide shows. What ever it takes to make your dreams come true, Nuance Sound can provide!

Contact us to arrange an interview with the DJ for YOUR event, and discover how Nuance Sound can make your wedding unforgettable!

Other Benefits of Booking Nuance Sound:

* FREE Personalized Meetings with Your DJ to plan grand entrance, kissing activity, etc
* Wedding Information Package, including many tip and information sheets
* Extensive Listing of First Dance & Other Dance Suggestions
* Written Contract to Guarantee Services and Price
* Professionally Attired DJ with over nineteen years experience
* State of the Art Professional DJ Equipment
* Equipment set up and sound check before arrival of guests
* Back Up Equipment On-Site
* Digital Music Collection Spanning Six Decades including many ethnic selections
* Computerized Music Database for quick access to requests
* Traditional or contemporary ceremony music packages available
* Various Lighting and Special Effects available
* Customized Packages available for your needs and budget