Silent Auctions & Fundraisers with Nuance Sound DJ Service

Nuance Sound wants to make your next fundraiser a success!! Whether you are a sports team, non-profit organization, or have a specific purpose to your fundraising…let Nuance Sound provide the entertainment to ensure your guests experience a night to remember!

Silent Auctions are quickly becoming a popular way of fundraising for many organizations. A Silent Auction can be a very fun event, but it does take some planning to make a financially successful event!

Nuance Sound enjoys helping organizations with their silent auction – so when you book your auction with us, you’ll recieve our COMPLETE SILENT AUCTION planning package! Whether you’ve held an auction for many years, or just planning your first one, our package full of donation sheets, bidding sheets, tip sheets and more – will make your planning near effortless. It has all been designed to bring you the success you are looking for, with the assistance of a professional DJ experienced at bringing in the bids! Contact us to learn more about this package!!

Here a just a few tips to hopefully get you on your way to a successful event! REMEMBER, when you book your fundraiser with Nuance Sound, you will receive our complete silent auction information package, as well as an item donation for your fundraiser!

* Collecting Donations – Start with your own contacts…suppliers, customers, parents, members…you never know who someone’s spouse may work for!

* How Many Items? – A good rule of thumb is that you want to create competition. Therefore, you need at least 2 bidders per item. So if you have 100 guests, plan on having around 50 items. If too many items are being donated, bundle some into a packaged single auction item!

* Start The Bidding! – Make sure each table has a listing of the items available, and plan a few people from your organization to be the first to bid…no one ever wants to be first, so this gets things off to a good start!

* Let Your DJ Advertise! – Make sure to give your DJ information on the auction items and donors, that way the DJ can plug your sponsors and encourage higher bids throughout the event!

* As It Comes To An End! – Have a large table away from the dance floor where your guests can pay and pick up their items.

* Thank You! – Don’t forget to send thank you letters to your donors, and let them know how valued their support

Book early to avoid disappointment!